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Updated March, 2013


Shipping Address:  230 West Street
Waitsburg, WA   99361

When mailing wines, please use cardboard shippers. No styrofoam of any kind! Please confirm your proposed shipping dates via e-mail BEFORE you send the wines to be sure I will be available to sign for your packages.

For each and every individual winery or winery brand, please bundle your new releases and submit just two or three times a year. You may submit at any convenient times, as I taste and review wines year round. Please send one bottle only if it uses a screwcap or glass or composite cork closure, two bottles for standard corks.

Washington and Oregon wineries please be sure to include the updated Wine Enthusiast submission form (with space for UPC numbers). You may download it here:

It is essential include the following important technical info: blends, vineyard sources, suggested retail pricing, case quantities, % of alcohol, the release date, and the name (or names) of your Washington state distributors.

Here is a link to the W/E FAQ:

Please DO NOT submit back vintages or re-submit wines a second time. Please DO NOT ask for specific feedback - it is against magazine policy and I cannot provide it. Your shipper can confirm if samples were delivered successfully.

Wines are tasted under controlled conditions in peer group flights. One submission is sufficient for consideration for all the different print and online outlets to which I contribute. If you have any concerns or questions, you may reach me at

Many thanks!