how can you miss me when i won’t go away...

Monday, February 17, 2014

For the past six years, this blog has focused almost exclusively on topics related to wine. Wine politics, reviews, arguments and opinions. My position as the Northwest Editor for Wine Enthusiast, my recent books, my 12 years as the wine columnist for the Seattle Times and its affiliates, and my own interests kept me on point.

But it's time to re-fresh, and re-think. My own life choices dictate the direction to go. If you, as I do, love wine, it's safe to assume that you also love good food, interesting travel, and meeting active, creative people. As an editor long ago told me, when I was a cub reporter for a weekly newspaper, "living well is the best revenge."

I have thought about that over the years, and the older I get, the more those words ring true. Unfined and Unfiltered - this blog – has served me well. But ultimately it all comes down to time management. As my work in wine continues to expand, now including winemaking and marketing for Waitsburg Cellars, as well as more and more speaking engagements, it’s impossible to meet the relentless deadlines required for a blog. Along with all of the above, my new band (Hat No Hat) is on solid ground, playing every Thursday at jimgermanbar here in Waitsburg, and eager for more gigs in and around Walla Walla later this spring and summer.

So if you are seeking further Gregutt recommendations, opinions, notes on wines, wineries, wine regions, travel, dining, general humor and occasional rants, I invite you to friend me on Facebook. My Facebook page will be where I post up regular wine notes and other tidbits, all bite size in order to fit into our insanely busy, media-saturated lives. I hope you will come over and join me there, and I do thank you for your attention to this blog over the years!

Paul Gregutt
Waitsburg, Washington
February 17, 2014