recommending three outstanding new wine apps

Friday, December 06, 2013

There are plenty of apps for wine lovers, and quite honestly, who has time for them? But once in awhile, some really innovative and/or truly helpful designs emerge. Here are three (all free!) that you should check out.

Wine Enthusiast Tasting Guide

Thousands of wine, beer and spirits reviews (some from me) are included on this free app from all the editors of Wine Enthusiast magazine. Reviews may be saved and shared, and you may add your own as well. More than 2000 new reviews are added monthly. Search filters, a global vintage chart, and UPC-based purchase information is also featured.

W/E Guide

Washington State Wine – The Recommendeuer

I first previewed this novel and entertaining wine guide last summer, as it was initially installed on iPad Mini’s and distributed to select media. But as an app it is available, for free, to everyone, and should be on your smart phone immediately.

First of all, it’s great fun. Comedian Greg Proops is cast as the Recommendeuer, a wine guide with a Monty Python-esque brand of humor. Along with the irreverent bits on wine and food pairing, winemaking, and so on, the app contains useful and current information on Washington state wine regions, tourism, AVAs and history.

Videos and articles showcase why wines from Washington State are rated as the best wines in the world by the most respected wine critics. Also included are wine industry reports
, grape production data
, AVA profiles
, food and wine pairings, vineyard acreage reports, and features on the top red and white wine varieties, James Beard Award winners, wine industry groundbreakers and wine award winners.

Vivino Wine Scanner

I saw this on a buddy’s phone and was immediately entranced. Based on my limited time and testing experiences, it works quite well. If you are in a wine shop or restaurant, at a friend’s house or simply cataloguing your own cellar, you snap a picture of a wine bottle label and voilà, Vivino pops up information about the blend and region, crowd-sourced reviews and ratings, and suggestions on where you can purchase the wine. The more you enter your own wines and ratings, the more accurate Vivino’s recommendations become. Be sure to get the latest version (7.0).

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Unknown said...

I'm also a big fan of Delectable which I think is under used by those in the WA wine world. It's essentially like instagram for wine. Lots of great wine porn.

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