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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A few weeks ago I was invited to curate some lots for an online preview auction to kick off the countdown to the August Auction of Washington Wines.

I have a long history with this event, having served as assistant auctioneer (with the late Dick Friel) for several years, performed with a band at Picnic a few years back, covered the event as a journalist for many years, and submitted a Waitsburg Cottages travel package two years ago. So this was a chance to participate in a different way.

I was given a long list of wines that had been donated to the Auction over the years and cellared for some future use. From the list, I was asked to create 10 themed lots of wines that would be offered during this online event. The online auction is on now (through this Friday), and believe me, there are some real gems in here!

I’ve put together ten lots of mixed cases (one or two are not quite full cases) – each with a specific theme. The organizers have posted a proposed value for each lot and a minimum bid. All have opening bids at the moment, but honestly, there are some super deals here and the bids are way, way under true value. So go ahead and cherry pick – it’s all for a good cause, the wines are outstanding, and most are drinking at or near their peak. What’s not to like?

You can see the whole lineup here. Just click on the “View All Items” box under my bio. Happy hunting!

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