top 10 names for a national marijuana retail chain

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Over the weekend, Time magazine ran a story headlined “A Starbucks for Pot? National Chain of Marijuana Stores in the Works.” The star of this particular show turns out to be an ex-Microsoft manager named Jamen Shively (a name unfortunately close to Snidely, as in Whiplash)... but I digress.

Shively’s plans for an Empire of Bud were previewed at a press conference, at which it seems more than a little smoke was blown. But this item caught my attention. Shively already has a name for this project, and it is Diego Pellicer. Huh?!? Apparently that is the name of his great grandfather, who grew hemp in the Phillipines.

You may visit here and get more of the story for yourself, including news clips touting the “Bill Gates of Bud” and “The Dot Bong Era of Legalized Pot.”

“Our products will be 100% safe,” the site proclaims, “with guaranteed consistent quality, to be enjoyed legally, by responsible adults, in responsible quantities. We will offer a premium-quality, hand-crafted product. Think of us as the Davidoff of marijuana, with great attention given from genetics to the finished product.”

I admire entrepreneurship as much as the next person, but I think Shively has got the name all wrong. And if you don’t have the name, how far can your business go? So in the 60’s-era spirit of Peace, Love and Understanding, here are my Top 10 names for a national marijuana chain.

10) Home de Pot
9) Budwowser
8) Toke-a-Cola
7) Weed R Us
6) Vape Expectations
5) BLowe’s
4) Spliffmo
3) Seedway
2) Outback Hemphouse

and the best we’ve got...

1) Bud, Bong & Beyond!

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The Joint
Reefer Madness
From Pain to Munchies

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