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Monday, March 11, 2013

Last November I posted a fond farewell to blogging, noting that it was
“time for me to de-couple from blogging, at least till further notice. It’s clear I don’t have Fermentation’s Wark ethic. Unlike Heimoff, I desperately need time-off.”

I’ve had several months away from the (admittedly self-imposed) pressures of blogging, and quite honestly, I miss it. A blog is like a stray dog that has somehow turned up in your living room, and before you know it, is a member of the family. It’s a responsibility, and like all such commitments, it has its ups and downs.

Just as my rescue dog Cookie has become an essential and virtually inseparable companion to me, I want my blog back. Over and over again these past weeks and months, I’ve read some story, heard some rumor, been privy to some juicy bit of gossip that begged for comment. I have no shortage of opinions and wine-related thoughts. But in spite of some excellent outlets for my commercial wine writing efforts, there most definitely is a shortage of places where unvarnished opinions, and up-to-the-minute comments about fast-moving events can be expressed.

That’s what this blog is for. Sure, I’ll post up some recommendations for your wine purchasing needs. I’ll happily answer your wine-related questions, much as I used to do in the Seattle Times. I will continue, as I have for more than a quarter century, to be a critical cheerleader for the Northwest wine industry.

But mostly, I’ll opine about things that matter to me. That I hope you will find to be thought-provoking. There will inevitably be controversy, and there will on occasion be criticism. Happily, critical thinking quickly becomes a dialogue in the context of a blog. As before, I welcome your comments and feedback. Let’s just keep it civil and respect the fact that people often disagree about matters that matter – to them.

Those of you who follow my Facebook postings – and I encourage anyone with a wine industry connection to become a Facebook friend – already know about a most exciting new development in my romance with wine. In a few weeks, the first vintages of Waitsburg Cellars wines will be introduced to the market. There are some very good stories to be told about this new project, which I anticipate will become more and more important in the context of my overall, “self-unemployed” mix of freelance work.

So to re-start this blog, in an upcoming series of brief posts I’ll take you through the genesis, creative development, business repercussions and personal highlights that the Waitsburg Cellars project has already engendered.

It’s good to be back. Please visit, comment, and share. It’s your participation – not mine – that ultimately will decide where this blog goes, and what it ultimately becomes.

Peace out...



Dawn said...

Looking forward to future blogging...welcome back. Congratulations on your new pursuits with Waitsburg Cellars. I cannot wait to read about your adventures and most especially, I am eager to taste WC wine!

stevemcn said...

Welcome back, Paul.

Michael Veseth said...

Great to have you back, Paul. Your voice has been missed!

nance said...

Blogging is interesting, is it not? Liberating, yet addicting. Like friendship, love, wine...

maggie valencia said...

This is wonderful news!

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