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Friday, March 30, 2012

Some items of interest relating to wine and dogs...

In response to my recent post about the possibility of using dogs to sniff out TCA-laden corks, Darlyne Miller of Sonoma’s Sojourn Cellars was kind enough to write and point out that their dog Ziggy does just that. A well-trained Labrador retriever, Ziggy's original owner sold oak chips and powders. Ziggy was trained to use her amazing sniffer to find any problems with TCA, and apparently still does the job, as a couple of articles posted on the winery website confirm. My question – does Sojourn have a zero percent incidence of corked wines?

Shanken News Daily reports that Vines and Canines, in Louisville, Kentucky, now offers dog-friendly shopping. Boutique wines, small-batch bourbons and spirits, craft beers, leashes, collars, beds and pet treats are on display. My question – do the dogs get carded? And if so, do dog years count?

On a sadder note, the drinks business website reports that Montana police have arrested a man and charged him with animal cruelty after spotting his Pomeranian, Arly II, wobbling and weaving around Smith’s Bar. Arly’s owner, who is currently spending time at the county jail with bail set at $30,000, had been giving him shots of vodka. A blood test found Arly’s blood alcohol level at a hefty 0.348 percent. The story goes on to note that the legal limit for drivers is 0.08 percent. My question – was Arly really going to try driving home?


Ron Washam, HMW said...

Was Arly trying to drive home? And, if so, was it an Arly-Davidson? Hogs for Dogs.

Forget TCA, we need dogs that can sniff out points.

Anonymous said...

Paul: Just read your Seattle Times piece today. Loved it you had me up to the roman numerals and then I realized what day it was and what you were up to. Thanks for the good laugh. Well done as usual.

PaulG said...

Ron, I think Arly is more of a truck dog - they're better for Ford-ing those Montana rivers. Anon - keep an eye out for those rare 'C' rated wines!

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