superbowl wine match

Monday, February 06, 2012

Pictured here is a platter of pigs in blanket. Much like the opening snack in our Stuporbowl party yesterday. I had opened about a dozen chardonnays, and a small selection of red wines, to go with the snacks before and after. But the match of the day was a complete surprise.

It came about because one of our house guests is a bonafide super taster, and can't abide dry wines. She must drink sweet.

So I opened up a 1996 Vouvray Moelleux, simply to offer her something to sip. But the wine was such a lovely caramel color, the aromas so enticing, that I couldn't help but pour a glass for myself. And after a sip or two had confirmed that, yes, this was Vouvray at its most ethereal, in perfect condition, beautifully aged, a thought crossed my mind. Would it work with the weiners?

In a word, yes, it did. The piglets, the breading, even the mustard worked symphonically with the sweet pastry flavors of the Vouvray. It was, in fact, the match of the day. What was your best Superbowl food and wine play?

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