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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Here is an actual help wanted ad that I spotted this morning, trolling for the “right person” to take on a job on the retail/management side of wine. I have changed nothing in the verbiage; just deleted the name of the prospective employer. My question is this... ARE THEY NUTS?

Tasting Room Responsibilities:

•Hire, train and manage tasting room staff including employee scheduling, overtime maintenance, performance reviews, staff incentives and continuing education
•Develop and implement hospitality and tasting room program procedures including tasting room policies, opening/closing procedures, point of sale system, safety/health codes, building maintenance and housekeeping
•Provide leadership direction for staff in improving sales techniques, communicating current promotions and establishing wine education for current releases
•Manage, track and rectify inventory monthly
•Monitor sales goals, visitor volume and revenues through budget creation and monthly review
•Work with controller to establish budgets and monthly reports
•Purchase all necessary supplies needed for maintaining the tasting room
•Create and execute a luxury event program including lunches and special occasions
•Marketing (coordination, strategy and execution with the help of in-house or third party marketing assistance)
-Coordinate the creation of all POS material
-Establish and maintain email database (CRM)
-Create and grow wine club memberships (including shipping coordination)
-Establish and execute catalog strategy model
-Create marketing strategy including PR outreach with third party PR representative
-Establish and execute social media strategy where appropriate
-Establish a referral program and manage winery/hotel concierge relationships

Wine Retail Management
• Hire, train and manage wine retail staff or train employees as appropriate while encouraging and facilitating continuing education
• Manage, track and rectify inventory on a monthly basis
• Coordinate with distributors and/or wineries to taste, select and purchase wine and spirits for two retail locations
• Work with manager to create cross-promotional opportunities with food product and wine including picnic baskets, gift baskets, and holiday promotions
• Merchandise wine retail locations in coordination with manager
• Establish strategy to promote wine retail to locals and tourists
• Work actively as part of the team to effectively market the wine department and grocery market synergistically

• 4-7 years of hospitality experience in the wine industry
• Proven track record of managing a tasting room and/or retail environment
• Wine education through CIA, Court of Master Sommeliers or WSET
• Strong leadership management skills in recruiting, training, retaining and educating a motivated staff
• Knowledge of food and wine pairing
• Event management and coordination experience
• CRM experience preferred

Oh, just to put the whipped cream on the pie, this superhuman individual should also have such “key qualities” as “being enthusiastic, creative, hard-working yet flexible, sophisticated, and approachable, while having a deep appreciation for quality, detail and execution.”

To which I can only add, you must be willing to forego all sleep, rest, vacation, sick leave, free time, a life apart from work, and keep those meals to a minimum. But hey – you will be working in the exciting world of wine!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I will take that job. You don't know what my current job entails. This is a definite improvement. Is there compensation too?

Robert Frost said...

Is there a 6-figure salary to go along with that?!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of career changes in the wine biz, does anyone know the current status and whereabouts of Tom Bronkema? He worked in the Skagit Valley area, established Lahar Winery, moved to Walla Walla, and disappeared!

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