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Monday, September 12, 2011

A few weeks ago the announcement was made that Washington wines were going to be showcased at a series of events in India. Certainly the appeal of the Asian markets has never been greater, and there is no question that the opportunity for significant sales at some point in the future is compelling. But now?

I’m not sure that Washington wines are all that well known in Indiana, let alone India.
In any event, the two-city event was held last week, and the first report that I have seen was posted on the Indian Wine Academy website this morning. Click here.

It’s a fun read, and the writer, Subhash Arora, clearly took pains to learn as many facts as possible about “The Perfect Climate For Wine.” Washington wines were praised for offering “great value for the money compared to California.”

The article's most pointed criticism was aimed at the hotel that hosted one of the events, for misting seats on the terrace to the point of wetness, leaving tables uncleared, and stacking glasses and plates up to three high. “It reminded one of the infinite dhabas adorning the Delhi-Chandigarh highway, complete with decorative rows of mini lights,” the writer complained.

Food and wine pairings were predictably exotic. The Powers Muscat Canelli was deemed “too weak for the kulfi and sandesh.” The conclusion was that “the Washington State Wine Commission will need continued efforts and a medium-term commitment to India to build up an alternative to California as the US wine supplier.”

I'm sure the Commission will be mulling over the cost of a "medium-term commitment" once the dust settles. Meanwhile, let’s hope they get that Delhi-Chandigarh highway cleaned up, while we work out a better match for kulfi and sandesh.


Anonymous said...

What a great line: "I’m not sure that Washington wines are all that well known in Indiana, let alone India."
Our extorted dollars at work. Bring back Steve Burns!

Todd said...

While I'm not familiar with the particular rules for either Indiana or India, in my experience it is often easier to sell overseas than to one of the other 49 states. I wish the Washington wineries luck in India - huge potential!

I've generally held that the strong flavors that make Asian cuisine so exciting also tend to make it a better match for beer. European cuisine evolved with wine on the same table. But some wines, particularly the more floral whites and juicier reds, can pair wonderfully with certain Asian dishes.

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