top 10 northwest wines of the month

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It has become my custom to begin each new month with a list of the Top 10 Northwest Wines tasted during the previous month. Here is the list (ranked in order) from all the Oregon and Washington wines tasted in June.

It's based upon both price and score – the 10 wines listed will all be very high scoring, but the ultimate order also reflects the price. A less-expensive wine with a score comparable to a more expensive wine will have a higher ranking. Somewhat arbitrarily, I have elected to list just one wine per winery. So some of these wineries have other wines that could have been included, but the one listed is the top scorer.

One practical reason to publish this list monthly is that so many of these wines are from boutique producers and will have a very brief window of availability. In fact, more than a couple are on closed mailing lists. That can be frustrating, but anyone who trolls the online auction sites knows that just about anything from anyone is for sale – at a price. This is a heads up on what to grab quickly.

Full reviews and scores will appear in a future issue of the Wine Enthusiast.

A final note. This blog is going on vacation for the next three months. I will post occasionally, but due to travel, other obligations, and simply the need for a bit of a summer break, I am going to let it rest until October, except when (and if) the spirit moves me to write. I thank you all for your kind attention, and I hope you will come back occasionally to check in.