everything I know about wining and dining, I learned from my cat

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Here are the top ten food and wine lessons my cat taught me:

10) Sniff the cork first, then your butt.

9) Spitting is OK; hissing not so much.

8) Corks are good for batting; screwcaps for hockey.

7) If your wine smells like tuna, it probably is tuna.

6) There is nothing wrong with drinking from a can.

5) Take a good long nap before and after dining.

4) Of course it's ok to play with your food!

3) Be sure to have a designated human to speed things along.

2) White wine with fish. Red wine with fish. Hell, anything with fish!

1) Always – always! – drink the good stuff.


The Sediment Blog said...

11) If it smells of cat's pee, it might be white wine - but it might be cat's pee...

Pamela Heiligenthal said...


Custom Labels said...

LOL! I think number 5 is my favorite...love a great nap post-drinking. And taking the cat's advice and napping before AND after sounds even better!

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