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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, even the PG blog can’t entirely escape the Royal Wedding frenzy. Two stories in the news today caught my eye, and I will pass them along to you for your thoughtful analysis.

An article in Decanter announces that Pol Roger has been selected as the official Champagne at the wedding. Surprisingly, the happy couple are springing only for the NV Brut, rather than something a bit more celestial, such as the Winston Churchill Cuvée. Pol Roger enjoys a long history with the aristocracy, reports Decanter. It was given a “royal warrant” from Queen Victoria in 1884 (don’t ask me what the heck that means) and chosen by Prince Charles for his stag party ahead of his big wedding to Diana. Hope he drank a lot of it; he had no idea how much he would need it in the years ahead.

Pol Roger Brut sells for anywhere from $30 to $45 depending, so not impossible to join along with the rest of the world in honoring the Royals. However, for those on a beer budget, there is a cheaper option... “Royal Virility Performance” from Brewdog beer.

Just 1000 bottles are being sold, priced at £10 each (for a 330 ml bottle). The Brewdog website tells the entrancing story of how it came about:

“With this beer we want to take the wheels off the royal wedding bandwagon being jumped on by dozens of breweries; The Royal Virility Performance is the perfect antidote to all the hype. A beer should be brewed with a purpose, not just because some toffs are getting married, so we created something at our brewery that will undermine those special edition beers and other assorted seaside tat, whilst at the same time actually give the happy couple something extra on their big day.”

In this instance, the “toffs” in question are being honored with a limited-edition beer containing Viagra along with other well known aphrodaisiacs, including chocolate, Horny Goat weed and “a healthy dose of sarcasm”. The actual beer is a 7.5% ABV India Pale Ale brewed at BrewDog’s plant in Fraserburgh.

James Watt, who bears the title “Head of Stuff” at BrewDog, offers this final comment: “We put a bottle in a jiffy bag marked ‘Prince Willy, Buckingham Palace’. We sent it by Royal Mail as we presume they are most likely to know where he lives. As the bottle says, this is about consummation, not commemoration, so we hope he gets it.”

Tee shirts and other memorabilia are also available. Viagra not included.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

On they said Bollinger was the Champagne of choice by the Royal Family. But I also saw another news headliner that said Pol Roger. Does Spectator have it wrong?



stephanie LaMonica said...

bollocks! even at $45, a pour of PRB bubbly would run you 11 bucks-ish. the RVP from brewdog, almost $17 US, and that's not even a 12 oz. bottle, if i did the currency and measurement conversions correctly -- not necessarily the cheaper drink. i say PBR all the way, man. it's got the same colors as the Union Jack, it's modern, has a vibrant history--just like the royals in question-- and a perfect way to celebrate any occasion! hip hip hooray!

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