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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mrs. G and I are in the midst of massive spring cleaning, and over the weekend I came upon a stash of very fine maps of various wine regions. All are wall-size, and all are completely out of date. I love old maps for their historical value, but these are not all that old, and how many walls can you put a map on anyway?

The whole notion of keeping maps has been changed by the easy access to scrollable/ zoomable maps on smartphones and computers. But maps with a purpose beyond simply finding your way from point A to restaurant B are not particularly smartphone-friendy; the screens are too small to give you the big picture, if the maps can be found at all. I find that it's better to do some advance planning on a bigger screen, and online resources are the most up to date.

With that in mind, here are some free, downloadable, up-to-date maps and brochures, helpful for planning your wine country touring as we move (finally!) into spring and summer.

Touring Washington Wine Country

Wineries of the Walla Walla Valley - just updated.

Guide to Willamette Valley Wine Country Touring

Willamette Valley trip planner

Oregon wine touring brochure

New map of all 111 California AVAs. This site also has a very useful listing of regional winery associations, most with websites and many with detailed maps of their own.

If you want higher quality maps, suitable for framing and wall display, The Map Store offers detailed maps for many AVAs in California, Oregon, Washington and much of the wine-growing world. Note: I have no commercial interest in any of these sites or their offerings.

If you would like to post links to other, useful, current, online maps and touring guides, please submit a comment with a link and I will get it right up.

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Anonymous said...

Steve De Long's wine maps are stunning and useful.
I have the map of Italy on my office wall.

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