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Friday, March 11, 2011

Music and wine – how do they connect? Mike Nordskog, the Publisher of a magazine called Wine & Jazz (for whom I am the Wine Editor), sees them as “Two of life’s great pleasures.” And he dedicates the magazine to finding and forging connections between the two.

I have noted an unusual number of musicians in the winemaking community. I’ve had the pleasure of playing myself with Bob Foley (Robert Foley Wines), Rob Newsom (Boudreaux Cellars), Jamie Brown (Waters Winery) and several others.

What wine does for the senses of smell and taste, music does for the ears. Both can entertain and challenge and lubricate social intercourse. They inspire creativity and competition. They never seem to run out of new ideas to explore.

As a songwriter since my college days, I have composed and recorded hundreds of songs. Most are forgotten; a few are good enough to be in my more or less permanent repertoire. Recently, I’ve been doing a fair amount of performing around Walla Walla with my partner in rhyme Peter Crawford. Together, we are known as ‘Where’s Mary’ – a pun just awful enough to be memorable.

I am also pleased to report that there will be live music again in Waitsburg, in at least two new venues opening this summer. I am going to host an open mike at one of them, and look forward to being the house band as well.

For a taste of what Where’s Mary is all about, click on the link below. It will take you to a Where’s Mary version of lovely ballad that was recorded years ago by Steve Goodman. Pete and I laid down this version in one take. I think it came out pretty well.

It’s a song I’ve always loved, and on one occasion I was playing it in the lounge of a riverboat cruising down a canal in Belgium and lo and behold, the captain came into the room (it was early morning) and listened attentively. I don’t know if he thought the tulips bloomed beneath the snow, but I think he enjoyed himself. I hope you will too.

The Dutchman
Wine & Jazz

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