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Friday, February 25, 2011

My friend and colleague Steve Heimoff has been attending the Wine Writers Symposium at Meadowwood, and in his blog today he complains that the conference has become mired in repetition, asking the same questions and providing no answers. Well, I attended three years ago and found it to be quite interesting, though I wasn't looking for ways to become a professional (that is, paid) wine writer – I already was that, and had been for many years.

In any event, I think a link to Steve's post is the best use of this blog for today.

In response, I posted this:

As one of Blake's ghosts, I can certainly understand what he's talking about, and why you feel a sense of ennui and deja vu. Wine writing and especially blogging seem to have entered the Horse Latitudes - dead calm, stalled, directionless. The same topics get repeated over and over and beaten to death. Couple that with the degradation and dissolution of advertising-supported media, especially print media, and you have many of the factors that contribute to the current malaise. But there are things an aspiring writer can do, and the work has never been easy, the path never clear, whether the topic is wine or anything else. Diet books appear every year, seemingly inexhaustible. Wine writers need to tap into the same sort of muse. Become a spin factory. If that sounds boring, well, yes, sometimes it certainly is. But that's part of the job. My two cents worth.

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Anonymous said...

Horse Latitudes-------could the Hosemaster of Wine be right---is this the begining of the end for you guys---it's tough being a pioneer--maybe less is best---seems like all the things we like--past and present take allot of junk to keep that buzz.

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