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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spending time in California, I am struck by the sight of vast selections of liquor in the grocery stores. The Albertsons here in Palm Springs has more booze than wine, and better booze than wine. In fact, the wine section sucks. It’s row after row of California plonk and cheesy imports from the big California conglomerates. I looked high and low for anything from France. Anything.

But… nothing.

Nonetheless, the sight of a wonderful array of tequilas, vodkas, rums, bourbons, gins, and so on had me thinking. Why can California do it and not Washington? What on earth is so different about Washington? Are voters smarter? Dumber? More conservative? Lazy? More fearful? Are the industry players (the three-tier advocates) more entrenched politically?

What else is highly regulated with rules that are observed by all? Well, how about traffic lights! What if traffic lights were different in every state? So, when you got off the plane in California, and picked up your rental car, there would be no red (stop) green (go). There would be blue (caution) and pink (go) and maybe a bit of purple (stop)! And let’s drive on the other side of the road in some states, like they do in England.

While we’re at it, let’s do away with standard signage. Let every state regulate their own signage. Some would have no signage at all – let freedom ring! And some would design artsy signs that no one but the locals could understand.

Crossing a state border would be a wonderful adventure, don’t you agree? And every state would have the right to decide exactly how they wanted to regulate demon autos. Just like wine. Makes about as much sense, don’t you think?


Javier Alfonso said...

Paul your question has a very simple answer. Alcohol regulation is different in every state because of the 21st Amendment of the US Constitution. Which, besides repealing the 18th Amendment (Prohibition), granted each state virtually absolute control over the distribution, sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages within its territory. No US constitution amendment pertaining to traffic lights.


Javier Listillo Sabelotodo

MagnumGourmet said...

Time to repeal the 21st amendment? Or would that reinstitute prohibition?

Paul Beveridge said...

We had a chance to fix all these problems in Washington State by voting for initiative 1100. Will you join us next time? How about supporting the Craft Winery Development Act? There will be a State Senate hearing on Thursday. We need you on the side of wine consumers!

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