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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The last of the season’s major ‘Top 100’ lists is out today. Wine Enthusiast magazine, for whom I am the Northwest editor and tasting panelist, has already published its Top 100 Best Buys and Top 100 Cellar Selections. Washington wines did quite well, as noted in previous blog posts. But the ultimate Top 100 list – the best wines of the year from around the world – is the crème de la crème. And I am thrilled to say that no less than 10 Washington wines are on this last, most prestigious list.

The wines, with their rank, score and suggested retail price:

#7 – Poet’s Leap 2009 Riesling (95) $20
#9 – Rulo 2007 Syrah (96) $20
#29 – Woodward Canyon 2009 Chardonnay (96) $39
#37 – McCrea Cellars 2008 Boushey Vineyard Sirocco Blanc (95) $25
#40 – Buty 2008 Sémillon-Sauvignon-Muscadelle (95) $25
#63 – Abeja 2008 Merlot (95) $38
#70 – Sineann 2008 Champoux Vineyard Cabernet Franc (95) $40
#77 – Fielding Hills 2008 RiverBend Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (95) $42
#82 – Dowsett Family 2009 Celilo Vineyard Gewurztraminer (94) $22
#93 – J. Bookwalter 2007 Conner Lee Vineyard Conflict Red (95) $50

It’s a remarkable list in so many ways. First, that tiny Washington snags ten percent of the Top Wines for the world in 2010. Second, that they are equally split between white and red, and represent so many diverse facets of the industry, with virtually every important varietal included – a huge show of strength. And third, that the average retail price of the ten wines listed is $32. So much for the idea that Washington wines are too expensive. Not in the global marketplace they aren’t.

As this list is compiled from reviews posted over the past year, many (perhaps most) of the wines listed are sold out. However, the wineries that make this list are not one-shot wonders. So look for the new vintages of these wines – in fact of virtually any of their wines – and you will not be disappointed. I have often said that it is a rare privilege to live in an emerging world-class wine region such as Washington State. It has never been more true than it is today. Congratulations to all these wineries, as well as those who have made all the previous best of lists.

– PaulG


Peter Rosback said...

Though I'm obviously biased, as I make Washington wines, I'm still surprised that so many people around the country haven't figured out how great the wines coming out of Washington are, both for reasons of quality and price. I make California (Napa Valley) wines, too, and I tell my Napa growers that while I love the fruit I get from them, I get better and far cheaper fruit of the same varietals from my Washington growers. Washington will eat California's lunch.

To trade around the country: get on board now - Washington is making some of the best wines in the world and they are affordable.

Peter Rosback Sineann

PaulG said...

What he said...

Bob Neel said...

Gotta love it that four of the top five are whites! Thanks, Paul, for spotlighting Washington's less tannic excellence. Too bad so much of the world overrates teeth-staining monsters.

Biovinum - Christoph said...

Congratulations to all the american and especially to the washington wines. I know, that the quality level is very high. Unfortunately in Europe you can get most times only the "industrial" made mass wines from the US.

Ron Hendricks said...

And of those ten, how many are Walla Walla AVA? Even more impressive I think!

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