holiday greetings!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A toast to everyone whose toil and talent helps to grow the grapes, make the wine, sell the wine, promote the wine, and most importantly – drink the wine!

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the cave
Gregutt was viewing the wines that he’d saved
For the special occasions that make life a blast –
The good friends, and good times, we all hope will last.

The cellar was stuffed, and the larder was packed
The party was starting, the mailbox was stacked
With holiday greetings and presents galore
Best wishes, high hopes, for the New Year in store.

With a nod to R. Angell, the New Yorker’s muse
I offer these rhymes, and my own brief thank you’s.
To Cayuse and Quilceda, K Vintners and Betz
For remarkable, high scoring vino – and let’s

Salute Buty, and Januik, L’Ecole 41 –
Your wines are delicious, your parties such fun!
To the growers who labor to pamper each vine
We know it’s the secret to making great wine.

Salutations to Klipsun, Champoux and Boushey
May your season be merry, your grapes A-OK;
DuBrul and Celilo, Ciel du Cheval,
We toast your success, we admire you all.

In a year of tight purses, we’ve guzzled our share
Of some outstanding values, Two Vines and Bonair,
Badger Mountain and Substance, Waterbrook, Arbor Crest,
Tamarack, Hogue and Covey – you guys are the best!

The bloggers came calling, and critics en masse,
They sampled our wines and pronounced them first class.
We wrestled with weather that was less than ideal.
But the vintage rests safely in barrels and steel.

And thanks to the wine shops for helping us find
The wines that are destined to help us unwind
From the stresses of traffic and shopping and rain
That bottle the sunshine and help us regain

A sense of the miracle wrought from mere grapes,
The labor and talent that coddles and shapes
Such nectar, such pleasure, such vinous delight
It’s all in the bottle you open tonight

So head to the cellar and grab something fine
For the moment is fleeting, the year in decline
Think back on the highlights of two thousand ten
And drink to your memories, families and friends!

Happy Holidays from PaulG!

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Bob & Susan Neel said...

Very clever and well done. Our best to you and yours, and here's to a smashing MMXL. Santé.

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