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Monday, November 29, 2010

I've been blessed with some very favorable reviews for my new book in recent weeks, and in the holiday spirit of shameless promotion I've compiled quotes from all of them. The next few weeks are critical as far as commercial success for this book is concerned, as it is gift-giving time and it's brand new. Despite a cover that is quite similar to the first edition, this is a New Book! Double the winery entries, all re-written extensively. Double the vineyard entries, all updated. All new recos – grape by grape – for the top producers. I hope you will consider it as a holiday gift for that wine geek person in your life!

Here are the reviews:

Charlie Olken – Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine
Sunday Serendipity

WASHINGTON WINES and WINERIES by Paul Gregutt, Second Edition, 360 pages, University of California Press, Berkeley California, 2010 Price: $34.95

Four years ago, when this important book was first published, it received well-deserved critical acclaim as the definitive work focused on the wines and wineries of Washington State. This second edition is even better, not just because it has more wines and better explanations, not just because it is written by the recognized leader in Washington wine writing, but mostly because it is a very fine and complete look at the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Washington wine industry.

Every wine region needs a work like this. Until Mr. Gregutt produced his, there was not a reliable, wise, insightful book that focused on Washington. This is a masterful work. It is full of facts and guides to important data. Yet, when Mr. Gregutt goes beyond the data to introduce us to the places of importance, to the wines that are leading the way and to the producers who started the boom and to the producers who are joining in, he does more than simply educating our brains. He informs our palates. He makes the wines come alive. Yes, every region needs a book like this one, and in the new Second Edition, Paul Gregutt has made a good book even better.

Eric Asimov (New York Times Online)

For a more critical, in-depth look at the wine culture of Washington, Paul Gregutt has updated his essential guide “Washington Wines and Wineries” (University of California Press, Oct. 2010). He, too, is an enthusiastic proponent of Washington’s wines, but he tempers his enthusiasm with a welcome dose of journalistic skepticism. “I remain a critic, not a cheerleader,’’ he writes.

Ron Holden/Cornichon

“A well-written, well-edited book that should be read for more than reference material. Wonderful anecdotes, for instance. Gregutt is a scrupulous writer (you've got to read his blog) and humble reviewer, who, like a plate umpire, does no more than call them as he sees them. You want to quibble over his numbers, you're out of luck; Gregutt is pretty much the only game left. National bigshots from the syndicated newsletters blow into town from time to time and anoint their predictable favorites, but Gregutt's here all year long, writing and tasting.”

Sean Sullivan/Washington Wine Report

“Overall, the second edition is much like a new book in many respects. Numerous aspects have been revised, added, or subtracted. Gone are most of the sidebars that were in the first edition, which, while interesting, distracted from the overall flow. Also gone are the chapters on the future of the industry, which are now condensed into the epilogue or removed entirely. The result is a considerably more fluid and compelling book.

Ultimately, Washington Wines & Wineries is indeed an essential guide. It more than amply accomplishes its intention of providing the reader with background on Washington State, its wines, and many of the best wineries. For anyone interested in the subject, it is, quite simply, the indispensable and authoritative book on the subject.”

Mike Veseth/The Wine Economist

“Gregutt’s book is unusual in that it is neither a coffee table photo album nor a wine tourism guidebook (the two most popular formats for northwest regional wine books). Rather it is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the continuing development of the Washington wine industry.”

Josh Wade/Drink Nectar

“Paul Gregutt has written the book on Washington wine…literally. Paul’s book, Washington Wines and Wineries; Second Edition, provides an in-depth look at the history, viticulture, and wine making of the second largest wine producing region in the United States. Paul, wine contributor to Seattle Times and Spokesman Review and contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine has covered Washington wine for 25 years. Washington Wines and Wineries; Second Edition, is a must have for anyone interested in Washington wine and should be a part of any wine lover’s book collection.”

Wine Peeps

“I like the layout and structure of the book, and I’ve always appreciated Paul’s writing style. I especially enjoyed his discussion of Washington’s AVAs and Top Eight Wine Grapes and his listings of the wineries he believes produce the best bottles from each varietal. He includes twice as many wineries and vineyard listings in this book than in the First Edition, and I wish he had room for even more.”


Sherman said...

Having purchased my copy last night, I've only made it to pg. 30 but I'm already impressed with the extensive re-writing of the first edition. I look forward to the rest of the book with as much anticipation as I did the first version.

Bean Fairbanks said...

You forgot the reviews Vivian wrote for Wine Beer Washington. The main review link is http://wine-beer-washington.com/wine/paul-gregutts-second-edition-washington-wines-and-wineries/

*I think shameless promotion is contagious!*

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