e-mail of the week: one less reason to talk

Friday, October 15, 2010

I get well over 150 e-mails daily, most of it PR blather – the mulch and fodder of my otherwise insular profession. So I have a certain amount of pity, mixed with an odd sort of admiration, for those who relentless labor over this drivel. Here is the all-too-rare missive that brings some genuinely jaw-dropping prose to the challenge. It has been unchanged except for the removal of a couple of identifying names.

It begins with this beguiling headline: “Sip & Tit: One less reason to talk”

“Greetings Paul,

As you know, technology is increasingly replacing the need for speech. Text messages have replaced voicemail; wall posts have replaced phone calls. And now, tweeting has replaced tasting. Let me explain…

Next Friday, Client XXX will be hosting their first Sip & Twit wine tasting featuring Client YYY wines. Instead of sharing tasting notes the old fashioned way, tasters will be takin’ it to the tweets as they inundate the twittersphere with their taste-based observations. We would love to tell you more about this interesting trend in the world of food and drink and how wine tasting is one more arena where less talking means more communicating as companies like Client XXX jump on the “digi” train to expand their messaging to audiences far and wide.

Please let me know if I can fill you in on more of the deets, or should I say tweets, in this exciting new trend.”

Where to begin!?! I’m quite adjusted to a world that has no need for print, or much use for writing of any kind. But replacing the need for speech? That brings me up short right off the bat. Now, on to a ‘Sip & Twit’ tasting (apparently the oh-so-captivating headline, which seemed to invite a much more personal experience, was merely a typo).

Wasn’t it the Doobie Brothers who first did “Takin’ It To The Streets”? Have streets also become unnecessary thanks to technology? Or are they simply impassable, as is usually the case here in Seattle? I am happy to jump on the “digi train” and learn more about how not to talk, but so far, no “deets” have been forthcoming. Maybe replacing speech with technology is just not up to the challenge?

Now, about that Sip & Tit….


Deba Wegner said...

Embarrassing, to say the least. I searched for the both versions, sipandtwit.com used to be a registered domain, now up for grabs…..sip & tit….doesn’t come up, except with your blog.
Here’s hoping the typo only went to a limited distribution. Also, hoping that the winery
(-ries) in question have a sense of humor? Have a nice weekend.

Stephanie LaMonica said...

funny me, after today's wine business daily news, i thought the line might be "technology is increasingly replacing the need for [mother nature]"!

it sure takes tits of iron, i mean, um, steel -- whichever the horse drags in -- to send out such typos! lordy lordy, one stew of a mess! anyway -- all very dynamic, modern, hope they talk about terrior. sure they will. keep us posted.

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