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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The far-flung regional editors of Wine Enthusiast magazine have just completed our annual editorial conference, held at the home offices in Mt. Kisco, New York. I’ve been with the magazine since 1999, and though many changes have occurred, the core writing/editing group has been consistent throughout most of that time. The company enjoys a unique business model, which ties together multiple enterprises, all wine-related, under a single corporate structure and ownership.

Our purpose during these all-too-brief meetings is to map out editorial strategies for the coming year, to discuss new initiatives in our print, online, event planning and publishing ventures, to share creative ideas and “pitches”, and to enjoy plenty of face time with the on-site editors, support staff and management.

Though we all wish this could happen more often, the practical realities are that we are coming from all corners of the globe and this brief, intense, highly productive burst of activity must somehow cover a lot of ground. This year it certainly did. In spite of the changes rolling through all media, and print in particular, I am happy to say that not only is print alive and thriving, it is moving into a time of consolidation and expansion where all the various media, that used to be so separately contained, can be combined.

I’m not just talking about this magazine and this company, though I am confident we will be leading the way with some of the exciting initiatives now in development. But as a veteran of broadcast media, print media, and online media, I can tell you with confidence that the time has come when all can be combined and coordinated. Print is in no danger of disappearing or becoming irrelevant. Au contraire! It is engendering new and exciting ventures and venues that will bring fresh, upbeat, progressive, timely and collaborative information about wine, spirits and the wine-centric lifestyle we all enjoy and value. That lifestyle includes food, travel, recreation, conversation, good friends, collaboration and a sharing of all the things that make life fun and special.

Here’s an example – a new, online, searchable, sharable, digital version of the magazine, being offered to subscribers around the world. For a free sample, click here.

As you see, you can instantly access and drill down into any content in the magazine, link to more information about wines, restaurants, resorts, etc. and conveniently travel with the information always at hand. Content, as always, is king, and to pull all this together, packaged in ways that are the most informed, timely, useful and relevant, takes a team effort, and a great team. I’m proud to be part of that effort and that team, and I promise you that the best is yet to come.

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To Be Or Not To Be---whether to be in a blog or be in a magazine such as food and wine or wine enthusiast or wine spectator--when you're the BIZ--me thinks it's a no brainer. tiny

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