rants and raves and HR 5034

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rant: Enough with the big, heavy, deeply-punted bottles! A massively heavy bottle that wouldn’t be out of place in a Russell Crowe gladiator flick (kill minotaur, kill!) does not make your wine look more impressive. It makes you, the winery owner, look like an egotistic spendthrift with no interest in the environment.

Rave: Cupcake Vineyards 2008 Central Coast Chardonnay. This stood out in a blind tasting of two dozen California chards, whose suggested retail prices ranged from $14 on up to a high of $52. The Cupcake was the cheapest, and far and away the best value, with a floral, lightly waxy nose, interesting spice notes, a dollop of buttery caramel, and good length. Honorable mention to a new entry from Patz & Hall – the 2008 Sonoma Coast chardonnay. At $35 it’s considerably more expensive than the Cupcake, but brings the same quality level as yesterday’s P&H profiles.

Rant: A business weekly called the Puget Sound Business Journal has published an annual list of the largest Washington wineries (by case production). Despite being notified by several wineries and the Washington Wine Commission that their figures were off-base, they went ahead with a published ranking that is dazzlingly wrong. One example out of many – Novelty Hill did not produce 415,722 cases in 2009.

Rave: Tiny Rôtie Cellars has opened a downtown Walla Walla tasting room above Walla Walla Wineworks (across from the Starbucks). Sean Boyd has just released his 2008 wines, which show that the marvelous 2007s were no fluke.

Rant: Doesn’t Representative Bill Delahunt (D-Mass.) have anything better to do than to pimp for anti-consumer, anti-winery, anti-Supreme Court decision-making H.R. 5034, which he introduced in Congress a couple of weeks ago? Written by the Beer Wholesalers of America and served up with a giant side order of disingenuous B.S. (states’ rights, protect our children, etc.), this bill is so dangerous that in addition to wine industry lobbies (the California Wine Institute, Specialty Wine Retailers, Family Winemakers, Free the Grapes, Washington Wine Commission, etc.) who are opposing it, the Beer Institute and the Distilled Spirits Council are also united in opposition.

Rave: Jason Haas (Tablas Creek) has put together an excellent blog focusing on an exchange with his Representative (Kevin McCarthy) regarding McCarthy’s position on HR 5034.


Anonymous said...

I emailed Dave Reichart, but did not get a reply from him. Has anyone on Seattle's East side heard from him or know his position?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

As a Washington wine lover in Texas I am VERY bent out of shape about this legislation and it serving as further proof that Washington D.C. is incapable of dealing with serious issues but will kiss any special interest backside they can possibly find in order to get a little more campaign $$$. Anyway, the following link provides an opportunity to send a preform letter to your representatives stating your opposition to this legislation. Hopefully will help.


P.S. regarding your thoughts on blogging the other day. I look forward to coming home and reading you after work so keep up the good work.

1WineDude said...

A thought: we could attack the HR 5034 supporters with those heavy, deeply-punted wine bottles!


PaulG said...

There are definitely some glitches in the comment functionality. I did get the comment box moved up to a more visible position. But I will continue to try to make the process more user-friendly!

Ann Anderson, WWI board member said...

Hi Paul, thanks for bring this to everyone's attention. The Washington Wine Institute (WWI) has reached out to our delegation in D.C. They are adamantly apposed to it. The WWI met with Attorney General McKenna on Monday and he also is opposed to this legislation.

Anonymous said...

Huge Rotie fan! Hope to see more of Boyd.

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