a kind remembrance

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chris and Kelly Sparkman have posted a kind remembrance this Memorial Day weekend, and are offering a hand of friendship to those vets still with us who are struggling. Here is what they sent in an e-mail:

"One out of every three homeless men and women in America is a Veteran who once served proudly in the U.S. Military. Many of them suffer from post-traumatic stress, caused by their combat experiences. Most suffer from mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction.

These Veterans deserve better than living out of shopping carts and sleeping on sidewalks.

The National Veterans Foundation’s (NVF) Street Team Outreach Program offers these men and women a second chance at life. Through the program, NVF Teams load up vans with provisions and counselors and go to some of the most disadvantaged locations in the country to offer a beacon of hope in the dark, desperate lives of these once brave soldiers. The program helps homeless Vets get off drugs and into recovery and housing programs, with a goal of helping them become self-supporting, contributing citizens again.

Join us this Memorial Day weekend and help us raise much needed funds for homeless veterans. This Saturday and Sunday we’ll donate 10% of our total sales to the National Veterans Foundation’s drive to assist these heroes in need. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on our new summertime wines, Pearl Sauvignon Blanc and this old porch rose’, while also helping our military men and women who haven on hard times. We really appreciate your continued support for our little family-run winery and we hope your holiday weekend is both exceptionally fun and safe."

To which I can only add my own grateful appreciation.

Sparkman Cellars

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