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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The latest notes from the organizers of next month’s Wine Bloggers Conference, headquartered in Walla Walla June 25 – 27, indicate a sold-out event. There are eight breakout sessions, devoted to topics suggested and voted upon by attendees. There will also be vineyard/winery tours, and plenty of opportunities to socialize.

Despite the event’s location, in the heart of Washington’s premier wine touring region, there is just a single breakout session that actually focuses on Washington wines. (Agenda)

On Saturday afternoon, Coman Dinn (Hogue Cellars winemaker), Sean Sullivan (Washington Wine Report) and I will have 40 minutes to discuss the Washington Wine Industry. The overview notes that attendees will “learn about the history and current status of the Washington wine industry, including weather, terroir, appellations, varietals, and more.”

Let me tell you, the three of us charged with this mission are scratching our heads. Since I just spent the better part of the last four years writing two books attempting to cover much the same territory, condensing it down to 40 minutes (split three ways, and allowing time for questions) is a bit of a daunting task.

So Coman, Sean and I agreed to put the question to you, the attendees. What would you like to hear about? You have a winemaker and two blogger/journalists up on the podium. We are at your service. What we don’t want to do is cram a hyped-up, bone dry lecture down anyone’s ears. We definitely will make as much time as possible for questions, keeping our introductory remarks short and sweet.

I do hope you will choose to join us, and help guide us to make this all-too-brief seminar as valuable as possible. In addition, let me point you to one other event on the calendar, that should not be missed.

An “optional” Saturday morning breakfast session will explore the geology of Walla Walla with Professor Kevin Pogue. Dr. Pogue is the head of the department of geology at Whitman College, and has devoted years of study to the geological diversity of Washington state vineyards. Though his academic credentials have brought him international recognition among his peers, he’s also a wonderful speaker who makes his subject not only accessible, but fascinating for non-experts. This session should be on your mandatory list of things to do while attending.

I look forward to meeting many of you over the course of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

cute logo

Josh Wade said...

History can be read in a text book.

I would love to know more about the subtleties of the different AVA's proposed future AVA's - terroir anomalies and some insight into varieties that are making a strong showing and those to watch for in the next 5 years.

Can WA sustain 1000 wineries?

Thanks for asking Paul! Of course I think a special "private tasting of some historic wine" is in order too ;)


PaulG said...

Great feedback, Josh, thanks!

Kevin Pogue said...

Thanks for the plug Paul! Despite what it says in the program, the topic of my presentation will actually be "The Terroirs of the Walla Walla Valley AVA" - more than just geology... Though I won't have time to talk about variations in physical terroir between Washington's AVA's, I'll be happy to discuss that topic one-on-one with anyone who's interested.

Reno Walsh said...

Duly noted Kevin. said...

Is there another conference on the east coast anytime soon?

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