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Friday, April 02, 2010

Nobody enjoys an occasion more than I do. In fact, my close friends pretty much know me as “Mr. Occasion.” National Pickle Week, Canary Molting Month, Veterans of Golf Cart Collisions Day – you name it, if it’s an occasion, I’m there. Which is why I was so glad to stumble upon this excellent website.

The World of Occasions. Here is your one-stop all-occasion information center.

Whatever the persuasion of your occasion, here is where you’ll find it properly dissected, inspected, corrected (if necessary) and never rejected.

Are you an “Instrumental” occasion consumer? A “Savoring” occasion consumer? Or all the way at the top – an “Inspirational” occasion consumer, at the “epicenter of trends; an incubator of things to savor in the future.” (By the way, I’d say that’s me in a nutshell – definitely incubating things to savor pretty much most of the time.)

Check it out… actually quite interesting if you are a marketing geek and especially if you want your food-related product to connect with the right occasion.

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