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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A break today from wine-related posts. Whatever actual historical significance St. Patrick's Day may have once had, has been entirely lost. It's simply become a day to sell green anything: Domaine Chandon is pouring green bubbly today. Your local supermarket has green hats and beer and flowers. Buy green is the prevailing message. And it's a day to have a parade if you're Irish and drink too much whatever you are. OK, no big deal. But an unusually sober statement by the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland puts the day in a different perspective.

I think I'll pass on the green beer today and do a little reflection myself. Who among us has not done some things they are not all that proud of? There is always room for genuine penitence, for a meaningful apology, for a heartfelt resolution to learn from past mistakes, atone for them and move forward. I'm all for it.

But I am getting really sick and tired of the world's morality police – especially politicians and priests – who spend lifetimes telling the rest of us how to be, what to think, criticizing lifestyles that they don't happen to embrace (or sometimes do and won't own up to it) – and then get busted and all of a sudden spout apologies. Where are the truly virtuous, truly generous, unhypocritical, self-effacing LEADERS who can show us how to be in a non-judgmental way? Who can live a full life without some horribly tarnished episode, past or present, putting the lie to everything they've "preached" over the years?

When will Congress stop wasting all its time investigating abuses of power? When will politicians stop having to resign over illicit affairs? When will the Church really own up to its dismal track record with children... and women... and gays... and and and???

I will have a drink today, and it might even be green. I'll be toasting the hope - faint though it is – that eventually we'll turn a corner and grow some leaders with integrity.


Anonymous said...

WOW Paul, what got you fired up? But your opinion is so accurate from my perspective. There is this word called “ethics” and they truly don't have very high “ethics”!

Rick, and I don't tell people how they should run their lives and I'm not perfect either.

Anonymous said...

Well said, something the we keep saying, but know one listens! I so agree.. (huge smile) my respect for what you write and say just inched up a bit. Merlotman

Anonymous said...

I try not to get my knickers too twisted about politics and organized religion. Though it's hard to ignore what human, selfish misdeeds and greed do to children.

It seems if something is a secret, it's probably bad news.

You are right in that everyone has done things that they are not all that proud of. I would even venture to say that we all have our deep dark secrets. We all also have the possibility of shining a light into these dark places.

I think that it is easy to get into a place where we think that our darkness is not as bad as someone else's darkness. That is how people that gain more power can get into a place of power and decide to hide these things...because we all can always find someone else that seems worse than ourselves, and in our mind, that makes us okay.

But, no one is okay.

And so, room for reflection is there for everyone.

Maybe i will go wack down some green grass today, and find someone to pinch.

Anonymous said...

That settles it. I'm voting for *you*.

Anonymous said...

Are you shouting? I hope there's wine in your teapot. Tiny

rebecca said...

Hear, hear. I'll join you in that toast.

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