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Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s never dull in the wine world. Here are some highlights from the past week.

1) Greatest Vintage of All Time!

I do not subscribe to e-Parker (why should I pay good money for access to a sycophantic board that periodically crucifies me?) but a friend has passed along this fascinating link. Apparently, Big P has put out an e-blast to the faithful with this astonishing claim:

2007 Southern Rhônes - greatest vintage ever in any viticultural area!

Here is a link to the thread on his bulletin board:

I guess he figures it’s time to take another shot at besting his own classic prediction about the 1982 Bordeaux – the one that launched the Big P empire. But seriously – the greatest vintage ever in any viticultural area!?! (And here I would have sworn it was 1999 in Washington...)

2) Single Berry Select Bordeaux?

German Trockenbeerenauslese is generally acclaimed as the rarest, and greatest, sweet wine in the world. Its New World equivalents include Ste. Michelle’s Single Berry Select, made as part of the Eroica/Ernst Loosen project. These wines are produced with grapes that are picked one by one off the vine – incredibly time and labor intensive. The Ste. Michelle Single Berry Select sells for around $200 for a half bottle – if and when you can find it.

Imagine my astonishment upon reading in Decanter

that Chateau Angélus was going to de-stem grapes manually, beginning this vintage. Essentially, this is Bordeaux picked one grape at a time. The article quotes the owner pouffing on about “ensuring perfection” etc. etc. And of course, he concludes with the comment that the 2009 vintage will be the best in his life.

Perhaps he’s been reading Parker? “Greatest vintage of all time anywhere? I spit on your vintage! I will do the greatest de-stemming of all time anywhere!!”

3) Real Pain For My Sham Friends?

At a recent tasting of outstanding Champagnes from one of my favorite producers, a very funny story was told. I must keep the name of the brand anonymous out of respect, but the story is too good not to pass along.

Apparently, the top wine from this producer, which is in very limited supply in the U.S., is in great demand in China. The owner and winemaker traveled to China to meet with their Chinese partners, and as is often the case, a very formal dinner was the highlight of the visit. A particularly fine bottle of the tête de cuvée was proffered, and the owner graciously invited his Chinese host to do the honors. The host stood up, bowed to all present at the table, and began vigorously shaking the bottle. While the winemaker and owner looked on in horror, their host popped the cork and sprayed up and down the table, hosing all present with the precious bubbly.

Seeing the horrified faces of his guests, he rushed to explain that, having watched NASCAR races on television, he thought this was the way Champagne should be presented!

I can only imagine what would have happened if the host had been watching the final game of the World Series along with the NASCAR races. Shaving cream pies would have been launched across the table.

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Thibodeaux said...

"I spit on your vitntage!" TROFLMAO!!!

Parker is so full of himself he needs a second barrel just to ferment all the overflow.

OTOH, I'm really surprised by Angelus. I'm a big fan of their wines (less so since they doubled the prices). "'...Silky tannins, with a touch of cashmere'?" Oh, zut alors, Hubert! Give me a break. I'm going to drink it, not wear it!

"The price of Angélus will increase by €2 a bottle as a result." A mere pittance, considering the $260-$300 it's now going 92-96points. (And you have to ask why that is, when the 2008 was allegedly released at €50.

"...the best in my life as a winemaker.'" Dewd. Really. Stop. Arrettez, s'il vous plâit.

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