Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Washington Wine Month is under way at state liquor stores – a month later than originally announced, but in some ways better timing. Now is a good chance to stock up on some really good deals for the upcoming holidays.

Wine Press NW has published a complete list of wines and prices on their website:

Glancing through the list, here are the things that stood out for me. Were I to go a-cherry picking, I’d be grabbing the following. Note that vintages are not listed; avoid 2004 or earlier.

Canoe Ridge. Lots to choose from. They just lost their winemaker – the talented Frenchman, Christophe Paubert, now at Stags’ Leap (not the Ste. Michelle winery; the other one). Maybe they are doing a house-cleaning? In any event, any Canoe Ridge reds from 2005 forward are going to have his stamp; the 2006s are especially noteworthy. They are dumping (oops, I mean value-pricing) the chardonnay ($20), cabernet ($20), merlot ($15), Red table wine ($14) and reserve cabernet sauvignon ($35).

Barnard Griffin. Rob Griffin has some stellar (and rare) reserves on the list, along with a few specialties. Zinfandel ($19), reserve syrah ($19), reserve merlot ($19). And fumé (sauv) blanc for $6 – that’s a gift bottle there.

Matthews Cellar Claret ($25) – hoo-hah! Matt Loso is long gone, but if this is one of his, it’s a gem.

There’s lots of Columbia Crest, but the GE merlot ($9) and H3 merlot ($11.50) are the ones to grab.

There are also a lot of rieslings. Some highlights: Latah Creek ($6.49), Willow Crest ($7), Barnard Griffin ($8), Kiona ($8), Whitman ($14) – a jewel!, Eroica ($18).

Willow Crest. This vineyard is one of the premier sites in the state for syrah; they are selling theirs for $10. Unbelievable. Same story for their pinot gris ($8). Grab ‘em!

L’Ecole sémillon (don’t know which) for $13. That’s a killer bottle for poultry, big fish, heavier white sauces.

Got favorites of your own? Grab all you want, then post them here.


JW said...

It's completely unfair to generalize and recommend against 2004 and earlier wines.

PaulG said...

Since the list of available wines did not include vintages, I felt it was safer and more responsible to advise people to avoid older wines that may not be in good shape. In no way was I saying to avoid those vintages completely for all purchases; just for this specific promotion.

Melinda said...

Thanks Paul for the recs. I picked up 6 bottles on Friday for a BBQ I had this weekend and they were all winners. Especially the '05 Col Crest H3 Merlot & also the CC Vineyard 10 Red which was awesome especially for $6.95! I am going to go back & see what other deals I can nab!

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