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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Though I am of the print generation, the possibilities opened up by blogging hold immense appeal for me. I do not believe that it’s an us vs. them, old vs. new, establishment wine writers vs. unfettered new bloggers stituation. We all have something to say, me included, and I love the open dialogue, the instant feedback, the pure freedom of blogging.

Then why in hell has it been such a trial? I confess, I don’t know. I started blogging in earnest 2 1/2 years ago, with a website that featured professional design, lots of features, and my own commitment to covering the subject with a strong NW focus. That blog lasted intermittently for about a year, but the entire site proved unwieldy and impossible to manage, and ultimately was sandbagged.

Fast forward to last March. With big fanfare this site debuted, designed by me and Mrs. G, and again, promising a daily (5 days a week) entry. Off to a good start, I kept at it thru April, May, and on into June. The key here, so I thought, was the ease of use (iWeb app) and the Cloud - Apple’s server in the sky, which kept both my computers in sync. Then one fine day a message from the Cloud appeared, asking me to select which to update - update Cloud from computer, or computer from Cloud. I was in the middle of writing a book entry, somewhat distracted to be sure, and I quickly instructed the Cloud to update my computer. Logical, yes? The site lives in the friggin’ Cloud, the Cloud is where the most recent post exists, so it should be the master updater.

Wrongola!! The Cloud instantly wiped out all content from both of my computers. The Cloud, I learned after spending the better part of a day talking to Apple support, translates my stuff into Cloudspeak, so the site looks as if it’s stored up there. But actually it’s not, it’s only posted there. And sometimes it gets wiped out, for no particular reason, and the Cloud content cannot be reverse engineered. So that’s why you always want to keep a backup, I was told! Yes oh great Apple person, but the Cloud wiped out my backup. Oh, well, you see, you need a different backup - one that the Cloud can’t touch. OK - now you tell me. Thanks, Apple! That’s really good to know!

So, having rebuilt this entire site from scratch (we still have more back entries to re-enter, but we’re on it) I’m going to post daily, and ask that you all will sign up for the RSS feed, and give me your thoughts and I PROMISE that I will keep it going daily as long as the almighty Cloud doesn’t hose me again. Peace-out and...

...rock on!


galet roulet said...

Welcome back Paul! - wondered where you went. I figured you were just on an extended vacation to Barlolo, Bandol, or some other destination that would make me insanely jealous.

sean@wawinereport.com said...

So glad to see your blog back Paul. They make it easy for you don't they? Suffice to say after this happened to your blog I downloaded a backup of mine. Is the backup in an appropriately safe location? Only time will tell.

wawineman said...

How do you become a top-10 wine website when the big Apple bites you? don't let this be "the day (your) music died", "I'm beggin' youuuuu?" After all, "(PG) is the word!" Geez ... time for my Haldol.

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